Thursday, August 11, 2005

Secrets of Paris Newsletter

Here is another great site if you are a francophileSecrets of Paris Newsletter. Go have a peek...I think she updates the newsletter every couple of weeks...and you can have the newsletter sent directly to your inbox if you would like.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Paris' Urban Graffiti

If you have ever been to Paris and walked around any of the 'regular' neighborhoods you might have come across some amazing graffiti. The graffiti in Paris is different than the graffiti you might see in a US city...In Paris the graffiti is made up of detailed stenciling and sometimes political commentary. Take a look at Paris Pochoirs - Au rendez-vous des pochoirtistes and see what I mean. It is in French, but you should be able to figure it all out by clicking on different headings. Also check out Roswitha Guillemin's journals of Paris graffiti.

*update* After further exploration of this topic...I have found that there is indeed traditional graffiti in Paris as shown on FatCap Graffiti. Check it out!! So the graffiti mentioned above is called pochoir...if anyone knows any other sites to check out...drop me a comment.