Friday, December 01, 2006

Paris Flea Markets continued

Paris Flea Markets continued
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The other half to the page shown below. The flea markets in Paris are not to be missed. You truly never know what you will find there. You may come upon a lovely set of vintage linen sheets or a perfectly embroidered set of kitchen towels. And then there are the finds like the enamelware laundry soap set that was only a few euros compared to what it would be back at home. The only chore in shopping at the flea markets is figuring out how to pack it all up to send back home.


wish studio said...

i love both these pages...would love the challange myself of packing up my bags with paresian goodies! thanks for you kind wishes :)

heidi said...

hi kelly - love your drawings. ahh, to be strolling through a french flea would be perfect right now, so many amazing treasures to be found. thanks for your comments on my blog. xo

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